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Player name: spirit weiss
AIM contact: Justin Ott
Alternate contacts: Crimsonbeast27@gmail.com
Character name: Theodore Schwarz (OC)
Source canon: Quad-wings.
Community tag: Theo Schwarz
Do I want a HMD: Yes

Shadow at dawn is a project directed at a unique warship, and 5 next generation mech under development underneath Scrapeyard.
Theodore's callsign is wolf 1, and he is apart of the Warwolves squadron.

Most of Theodore's backround can be summed up as normal until he was 10 years old. Some months ofter he turned 10 it was found out that he possessed a genius level skill when it came to technology able to memorize all the parts of equipment he takes apart, and put them back together, for a few years he had a habbit of sneaking into the nearby bases, and getting caught inside the hangers always before he could "memorize" the technologies on the base.
When theodore was 14 his father who got fed up with the military escorting him home. Theodore was sent to scrapyard, a NA Technologies development, and testing ground where they developed new equipment for the military, private security, and domestic peace keepers.
For the next two years he worked to aid in the development of a project which is still under development to this day simply known as "Shadow at Dawn." The projects main focus was to construct a warship capable of being able to fight for vast ammounts of time without a supply line of ammo, and fule.
After those two years the part of the project Theodore's focus was on hit a snag, their was "no combat data" avalable to get proper adjustments so with that the presadent decided to send the 3 prototype mechs involved in the projects development to the unity group.

Original canon background:
NA technologies The company belonging to the schwarz family with the objective to lower mortality rates for pilots. They were a company that is mostly unknown to people who don't either work there, a mechanic who has worked on their machines or a high ranking officer in the military. The new mechs QW-X00 Adapt, and QW-X01 Frontliner both developed by the Quadwing lab "Theodore's lab" have been tasked to aid in the Unity groups operations to gather vital combat data, and to determine the full capabilities of the new mechs.
All technology developed by NA is a reverse engineered from a warship that was found, and covered up about 10 - 15 years ago. The warship in question was found, and taken piece by piece back to earth after every one of NA technologies space operation research trips after it was discovered.

Theodore is a man who is a sociable, and fun loving guy. Theodore has been known to make either random jokes, or sarcastic comments to those around him, enemies, and superiors both inside, and outside of battle. though he comes off as a jokester he can be serious, and will show that side when the need arises.
Theodore does possess a somewhat immature side as shown when he sees something new, and almost Immediately wants to examine, and take it apart just to know how it works. Theodore can be somewhat perverted as he will make comments directed at a women's breasts, or their curves.
When in battle Theodore is more serious, and calm able to deal with situations as they arise, he shows a more tactical side as well capable of giving proper instructions to those put under his command.
he is faxable, adaptive, and resourceful able to make changes to strategies, and not complain about how it changes things. He is able to adapt to the changes of environment, comrades, and places. Theodore is able to make use of most normal equipment in ways they were meant to be used, and in some they were not.

future changes
1.Gaining a strong attachment to his new comrades he is willing to defy orders just to rescue them, shield them, and/or become their support inside battle, and out.
2.Having seen war as a pilot Theodore has gained the understanding that in order to protect his comrades he needs to defeat the enemy in front of him before more allies die.

Capabilities and Resources:

NA tech designer, and test pilot - He is a designer for equipment, and within the company called north american technologies, and is also the test pilot for the machines within it's organization.

Type: Combatant

Unit Name: NA - Adapt

Unit Description:
Adapt is a machine built to look alien in origin it's a 16 meter tall machine with a head design simmiler to that of the gespest mkIII but more evil looking, and with scarlet eyes it's basic shape is slim, and sharp, and the hands, and feet look more animal like with the fingers being sharper, and that feet having three toe claw like patrusions. the coloration of the machine is Black in color. on it's back are 2 wings that allow it to fly, and defy gravity. "they have a strong resemblence to Jehuties from the game zone of enders." the wings open up the same. it also has 4 jet like emiters which allow it better mobility that most. it also has 2 energy emiters on the palm of each hand with powers it's 2 guns.
fighter mode

In fighter mode the adapt looks more like an alien jet fighter than something found on earth. it's mostly triangular in shape.

limit breaker
when limit breaker is active the adapt changes color to silvery white, the wings open completely and emit a strong ammount of energy that appears to look almost like white real wings. the eyes on the face turn blue in color.

2x wispis - sword guns that are on on side single edged swords, and on the other beam rifles. they are light enough to be used in a fast style fast, and small enough to hang on the units hips.
2x integrated energy blade emiters - located on the wrists they emit 2 blades simmiler to beam sabers but are flat, and form a point that makes them appear to be a western sword blade instead of a lightsaber.
2x intigrated energy emiters - energy emiters located on the palms they aid in flight, can be used to blast a enemy in C.Q.C, and in limit breaker shoot a mass of energy simmiler to a beam rifle.

fighter mode - the adapt has a fighter mode that is equipped with a chain gun, and anti air missiles.

animus drive - the animus drive is a piece of unknown tech it's a generatior that was developed by a man named Maxamilion lux who works for NA technologies the apearance of the generatior is a blue sphere that apears as if made out of water, it has 2 boxxes attached to it that are as follows. anime system, and Nel.
the animus drive takes solar energy, and converts it into a power called Sol energy Sol energy can be used for prapolsion, in weapons, and a powersource. the drive is encased in a metalic shell to avoid shock damage.

anima system - the anima system is a unique os developed for the adapt, that allows the mech to access limit break, and keep the animus drive in check.

A.I - Nel an A.I developed by the creatior of the animus drive she monitiors the mechs battle preformance, and is vital in the operation of the machine.

Size: M 16.30 meters tall
Terrain compatibility:
Air: B
Ground: B
Water: B
Space: B
Favored terrain: Space, Air


1. Adaption - when the machine gains combat data NA technologies sends 3 loadout packages that allow the machine to chage in between them to gain different abilities depending on the loadout.

shielder - when equipped the machine gains 20 meters, along with heavy armor, and looses all it's former forms of attack. instead it has high powered punches, a powered blast centered around the chest, and an optional weapon that acts simmiler to a high powered railgun.

gunner - when equipped the machine stays mostly the same but is equipped with many different guns, an attachment on the head that looks like another eye which gives a better accuracy rating.
weapons - assault rifle, sniper rifle, beam rifle, 2 smgs, and a knife.

Blade - "my favorete" it is probabily the most simmiler to the adapt it self the blade loadout only gives a adaptive size beam saber,2 beam boomeranges , a longsword , and 2 twinblades.
2. Limit breaker - limit breaker is a ability simmiler to any other it allows the machine to preform at levels it wouldn't normally but with some added intrests. when active the machines appearance changes in color, it can't access the use of weapons instead it can fire energy shots out of it's palm emiters, possesses higher speed, and will allow adapt to form a shield in front of itself.

Jason Archer
callsign: wolf 2
wm appearance: Jason is a young man standing at about 5'8 with black hair that goes just above his redish-brown eyes. he possesses a medium build, with a slightly tanned skin tone. he weighs about 185 Lbs. and gives the immpression of being a soldior when one looks at him for the first time.
WM personality: Laid back, and sociable Jason is the very deffinition of a good guy, always atempting to be a good friend, and always trying to have fun. Jason is not one to show anger, nor one to show sadness he will always try to possess a good mood, and a smile.
but when in battle he will show a vigilant, calm sense of duty, and resorcefullness. he is also capable of sitting in the same location for hours , and possabily days in order to accmplish a mission.
mech: NA - Frontliner
A pre mass produced mech that if the field testing goes well will be sold to the earth forces.
appearance: the frontliner in a lot of ways looks simmiler to a gundam, but unlike a gundam it's features bare some of the gespest mk III's head design. it is a medium sized mech that stands just over 15 meters, with a pratortionate width to it's height. the basic colors for this one is more of a brown-red color.

Size: M 16.30 meters tall
Terrain compatibility:
Air: B
Ground: B
Water: B
Space: B
Favored terrain: Space, Air

1x beam rifle - a beam rifle that shhots out scarlet beam shots.
1x Shield - similer to the most common ones found in the gundam franchise
1x beam sword - a basic gundam beam saber.
1x beam sniper attachment - an attachment for the beam rifle that allows it to increase it's accuracy in exchange for refire rate.
2x wrist mounted motor blades - simmiler to the su - 47's but based upon a more fast deployment system, and a super heated blade.

fighter form - the frontliner is capable of going from mecha to fighter jet.
they possess chain guns, and anti air missiles.

Mission requirement:None
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